Are you ready to transform your digital employee experience (intranet) in Microsoft 365 this year? 

Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the exciting developments on the SharePoint and Viva roadmaps for 2024.
We will also see how AddIn365’s market leading bolt-ons can elevate your out of the box SharePoint intranet and empower your workforce.

Know the roadmap

Explore the new Brand Center from Microsoft, designed specifically for SharePoint and Viva Connections. Learn how to manage themes and fonts effectively, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing digital workplace.

Dive into Microsoft’s latest video page template. Discover how to leverage this feature to showcase your digital assets seamlessly and engage your audience.

See SharePoint’s new editorial experience for your content creators.

Stay ahead with Viva Connections’ mobile capabilities. Learn how to optimize employee engagement and productivity on the go.

Unlock personalisation and insights

Increase personalisation, engagement, and brand alignment: Elevate your SharePoint Modern experience with AddIn365’s Creative and Page Kit web parts. Customize your intranet, align with your brand, and create engaging pages that resonate with your audience.

Employee Engagement Analytics: Leverage AddIn Analytics to gain valuable insights. Understand how employees interact with your digital workplace content, enabling data-driven decisions.

Content Confidence with AI: Discover how AddIn365’s Content Confidence Kit streamlines intranet content management. Let AI assist you in maintaining a dynamic and relevant intranet.


Why attend?

Stay Ahead: Get a sneak peek into what’s coming for SharePoint and Viva Connections in 2024. Be prepared to optimise your digital workplace.

Empower Your Employees: Learn how AddIn365 products enhance SharePoint Modern and Viva capabilities. Craft personalised experiences that resonate with your team.

Join us for this essential webinar and unlock the full potential of your digital employee experience in 2024! 🚀



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Thursday 1st February 2024 10am (GMT)

Thursday 1st February 2024 4pm (GMT)


Meet your host

Suzy Dean MVP

Suzy Dean

AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP

Amongst the 1 million Microsoft practitioners globally, there are a few hundred awarded MVP status for their elite expertise in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. AddIn365 is home to three of them. Suzy Dean has been a Microsoft MVP for four years and has been responsible for the delivery of intranets, portals and communications capabilities, into organisations, since 2004.