AddIn365 is delighted to partner with Engage Business Media and their brand Engage Employee to deliver this employee experience focussed webinar.

In a world of hybrid, mobile and remote working, your employee experience platform remains the final universal touchpoint to inspire, inform and engage your employees. 
Join Microsoft MVP Suzy Dean as she takes a deep dive into how many of the world’s best-known brands (including St. James’s Place Wealth Management & Signant Health et al.) are unleashing the power of their branding internally to improve employee well-being, support growth, aid retention, build trust in their digital environments and make tasks easier.  

Suzy Dean
AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP

Amongst the 1 million Microsoft practitioners, there are only 200 people globally awarded MVP status for their elite expertise in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. AddIn365 is home to three of them. Suzy Dean has been a Microsoft MVP for four years and has been responsible for the delivery of intranets, portals and communications capabilities, into organisations, since 2004.  


This webinar will show you how to deliver a brand aligned, employee focused and visually exciting intranet using SharePoint Modern and Microsoft Viva Connections  

  • Introduction to AddIn365 – Microsoft Charter Partner and Home of the Microsoft MVP
    Some of the world’s best-known brands and agencies trust Microsoft Charter Partner AddIn365 to deliver a feel-good connection with their employees, to build on brand trust, and communicate the values they want their employees to take out into the world. 

  • Achieving brand alignment – building on your brands trust
    We’ll explore how to enhance SharePoint Modern with unique capabilities and the dynamism to bring your brand to life. According to the latest State of the Global Workplace report from Gallup, only 15% of workers report being highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace – we’ll show how to re-spark the creativity of your office-based, hybrid and frontline workers through a brand aligned intranet. 

  • Viva Connections:  with sneak peek at the mobile app
    Viva Connections is the evolutionary next step to a fully integrated, centralised employee experience; helping streamline the communications of your entire organisation and giving everybody instant access to the tools you need to succeed. Discover how to use Viva Connections as part of your internal communications and marketing strategies. Catch a demo of the Viva Connections mobile app, which enables you to customise, brand and deploy your own mobile app for your employees. 

  • Welcome to the AddIn Show Case – exciting visuals from our case studies of brands you know
    Discover the art of the possible with exclusive access to the employee experience platforms of some of the world’s best-known brands; including St. James’s Place Wealth Management, Wincanton, Wales & West Utilities, and Signant Health. We’ll show which of the latest digital design trends have been incorporated to galvanize their brand including fluid motion animation and anti-gravity elements. 

  • Speak with a global expert
    Q&A – your chance to speak with a Microsoft MVP. Amongst the 1 million Microsoft practitioners, there are only 200 people globally awarded MVP status for their elite expertise in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. 

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      The webinar will take place on Tuesday 22nd February 2 pm GMT.

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