“Technology should support creativity and design, not dictate it.” – Alexandra Scillieri, Partner and Global Head of Design at leading media agency mediacom sits down with Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CEO Suzy Dean to explore the importance of staying true to brand in an ever-changing world.   

Guest introduction – Alex Scillieri, Partner and Global Head of Design at mediacom

As Global Head of Design for Global New Business and Marketing at mediacom, Alexandra leads a team of global designers to create award and pitch-winning work for many of the world’s largest brands; including Adidas, Groupe PSA, Uber, Bose, Richemont, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Mars and P&G. In addition to new business, Alexandra leads and champions all aspects of the mediacom brand, creating consistency in digital, print, and beyond for mediacom worldwide.

Host introduction – Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CEO

Suzy Dean is a Microsoft MVP and has spent 16 years designing, delivering, and implementing the digital employee experiences of many of the world’s best-known brands. Suzy is CEO of AddIn365, a London based Microsoft Charter Partner, of which she founded in 2016 to deliver personalised employee experiences on Microsoft 365 to enable people to do their best work. Suzy and her team are the global Microsoft 365 employee experience provider of WPP, the world’s largest media group, which includes leading design agency mediacom. Today, Suzy sits down with mediacom’s Global Head of Design Alexandra Scillieri.


The world has changed…

 Recognising the need to adapt, and excitedly embracing the challenges of 2022 with an agility and creativity fuelled engagement strategy, Alex Scillieri explores how a thoughtful, people-first approach to design and reinforced brand messaging can connect organisations to both their consumers and their employees.

 In our 3-part, Power of Brand interview, Alexandra begins with a deep-dive into the changing world around us, and advises where designers should begin when conceptualising or revisiting their brand to connect to a world in motion.

The Power of Brand, Chapter 1 – Recognising evolution

  • What’s changed; where do we connect with our audience and how?
  • Consumers and employees have evolved, so must organisations.
  • Why are the world’s organisations rebranding, and what are the good reasons to do so?
  • Exploring the power of design, and capturing your audiences attention digitally.



The Power of Brand, Chapter 2 – Connecting with a world in motion

  • Designing an engagement strategy fit for 2022.
  • Supporting your people, so they can support your clients.
  • Owning being a brand guardian.
  • Staying true to who you are.

The Power of Brand, Chapter 3 – Delivering an experience where your people can do their best work

  • How to align your brand to your employee experience platform.
  • Finding a Partner that can bring your design and vision to life.
  • Technology should support creativity and design, not dictate it.
  • Your brand is your people, and your people are your brand.


As mediacom’s 8,000 employees embrace their new digital workplace, designed and delivered by AddIn365, Alexandra looks to the future. “Brand is never complete”, Alexandra explains, “the foundations are set but brand needs to evolve”. Design and storytelling a true labour of love, it seems, for Alexandra, and one we are excited to see evolve.

You can view some of the exciting projects Alexandra has been working on at the medicom UK website MediaCom | Examples of our work for clients | MediaCom Worldwide

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