Microsoft have enabled custom background images for Microsoft Teams meetings, to help people feel comfortable joining video calls and having their video on, when they are out of the office. Whether someone is trying to work in a private room at home or in a public place, background images can keep your personal presentation looking professional at all times.

There are two ways to set a background image – using one of the Microsoft provided background images, or uploading one of your own.

Using a Microsoft background image 

When you go to join a meeting you will see an icon for custom background, before you join a call. Toggle this central icon, which is between video and speaker.

A panel will appear from the right. Select the background of your choice by clicking on your preferred image.

Then click ‘Join now’ and your background will be applied.

Please note, if you initiate a Teams video call directly with someone, you will not be given the option to apply a background until after they have picked up!