Viva Connections:

As business leaders across the world grapple with the very concept of what a workplace should be in 2021 and beyond, Viva Connections could not have arrived at a better time to connect all employees; whether they be frontline workers, remote workers or those lucky enough to have returned to a desk.


It still feels too early, and precarious, to predict how exactly return to office trends may pan out over the coming months, but through Viva Connections, organisations can now engage all employees and provide them with all the tools and resources they need to succeed from one place.


This is an awesome response from Microsoft in light of so many workers feeling disconnected from their colleagues whilst working from home. We love that through the newly launched employee experience platform, Viva Connections allows entire workforces to enjoy a single curated, company branded experience.


Here at AddIn365, in anticipation of the the launch of Viva Connections, we evolved our AddIn Intranet solution to provide your organisation with the full Viva Connections capabilities via a fixed cost services package. You can learn more about how our AddIn Intranet modules can turn on Viva Connections by booking a ‘Speak with an MVP’ session via the contact form at the bottom of this page.



I discuss how Viva Connections revolutionises the modern employees’ digital experience with Microsoft MVPs Wes Hackett and Paul Schaeflein during this week’s New Habits podcast, you can listen for free above.



I was recently joined by Wes Hackett to deliver the AddIn365 Discover Viva Connections webinar, presenting a live demonstration and answering your questions on the how to streamline your communications and fully integrate your digital workplace. If you missed the webinar and would like to view a recording, or if you’d like to ‘Speak with an MVP’, please email or complete the contact form below.