With stricter work from home measures sweeping across much of Europe this week, many of us will be increasingly relying on the Video Call and Video Meeting functions within Microsoft Teams to conduct our business communications.

Large online audience capabilities and back to back meeting schedules may call for a need to record who within your business is attending each meeting, or for highlighting those that may have missed important company updates.

Thanks to one of the many new features from Microsoft this month, if you’re the meeting organiser, you can now download attendance reports in Teams and upload each meeting’s data straight into Excel.

Each report will download as a .CVS file and will include:

  • The names of all attendees.
  • When they joined the meeting.
  • When they left.

Simply follow these steps:


  1. At the end of the meeting select the ‘Show Participants’ button circled below.


2. A list of attendees will appear on the right hand side of your screen, now click the ellipsis circled below, to open a drop down menu.


3. On the new drop down menu, select ‘Download attendance list’.


4. Your file can now be opened and viewed in Excel, via your Recent Downloads folder. Collect this data at the end of each meeting to build a picture of regular attendees or absentees.


It’s important to note that this function will have to be turned on by your Admin.

We regularly share the latest functions within Microsoft Teams and how to best utilise them; leave a comment below to ask your question about how to get the most out of your digital experience or email an enquiry to hello@addin365.com.