AddIn365 welcomes you to our first webinar of 2022, join to see these brand-new capabilities in action:

  • Viva Connections (have you seen it yet?) fully personalised dashboard for desktop and mobile.  
  • Microsoft Teams’ targeted announcements. 
  • Personalised bot experiences, using AddIn365’s Content Confidence Kit  
  • SharePoint content personalisation, using ‘audiences’. 


In this webinar you will also hear how some of AddIn365’s customers have delivered their personalised employee experiences. We will take a look at case studies from our 2021 Customer Success Brochure, including St. James’s Place Wealth Management, Wincanton, Wales & West Utilities and Signant Health. 

Suzy Dean
AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP

Amongst the 1 million Microsoft practitioners, there are only 200 people globally awarded MVP status for their elite expertise in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. AddIn365 is home to three of them. Suzy Dean has been a Microsoft MVP for four years and has been responsible for the delivery of intranets, portals and communications capabilities, into organisations, since 2004.  

Why attend? 

  • You are thinking about how to make your Microsoft 365 experience more relevant for your employees.  
  • You want to deliver more tailored communications to your employees.  
  • You want to know what Microsoft’s new personalisation capabilities are and how to use them.  
  • You want to know how other organisations have delivered personalised employee experiences in Microsoft 365. 
  • You want to hear from a global expert in employee experience



    Date and time:

    The webinar will take place on Thursday 27th January 2022 at 10am GMT and 4pm GMT.

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