If there’s a particular task that you are eager to complete quickly, a business meeting held through Microsoft Teams could prove the catalyst. It’s possible to have various types of meetings in Microsoft Teams, and setting them up is very much a case of “easy once you know how”.

Whether you would like to schedule a meeting with just one person or a whole group, you can do it through the Teams desktop or mobile software or even within Microsoft Outlook.

Whichever of these apps you use to schedule Teams meetings, those meetings can be conducted in very much the same way. Therefore, exactly which app you choose could depend on your intended purpose for the meeting – for example, whether it is an ad-hoc, one-on-one or channel meeting.

How To Schedule A Teams Meeting On Desktop

If you are already conversing with team members in Teams and realise that a dedicated meeting with them can’t wait, you could just click the Meet Now button to launch a session with these people straight away. However, what if you want to plan and advertise a meeting in advance?

Within Teams chat, below the compose box, select Schedule a meeting to book one with the chat’s participants. Alternatively, on the app interface’s left side, access Calendar before selecting New meeting at the top right or, in the calendar, selecting a time range to produce a scheduling form.

In this form, you can input meeting details, including its title, and invite people. The form also lets you add a channel to meet multiple people or specify an individual for a private meeting.

Arranging A Teams Channel Meeting

The scheduling form includes the option Select a channel to meet in, which lets you add multiple channels. However, choose carefully – as, after sending the invite, you will not be able to edit or add to the specified channels. Instead, you will have to send a new, suitably different invite.

After adding the required attendees, use the Scheduling Assistant to see when they will all be available. You can even schedule a recurring meeting by checking the Repeat box and then specifying how often you want the meeting to take place.

Arranging A Meeting Via The Teams Mobile App

This is relatively simple; head to Calendar at the foot of the interface, select the top-right option Schedule a meeting and then, under Add participants, select the intended invitees. For a meeting in a particular channel, select it in Share to a channel or otherwise skip this stage.

You would then be left to set the meeting’s start and end times and write its description before selecting Done to add the meeting to your calendar of upcoming events.

Scheduling Teams Meetings From Outlook

Microsoft Teams comes with the Outlook add-in which, once installed for Microsoft Office, will enable you to directly create Teams meetings from Outlook for Windows, the web, iOS or Android.

While channel meetings can’t currently be scheduled from Outlook, you can schedule other meetings from this software. In the desktop or web app, switch to its calendar view before clicking New Teams Meeting at the top. On the mobile apps, instead tap the calendar icon at the bottom right, switch Teams Meeting on, list the meeting details and then tap the top-right checkmark.

At this point, whichever Outlook app you are using, you should specify the invitees in the To field, add the meeting’s subject, location and start and end times and then click Send.

As you can see, many options abound for preparing Teams meetings – another reason to add Microsoft Teams to your organisation’s productivity software, as you can do through contacting us.