I spend a lot of time with directors and C-suite professionals at top of the IT ladder in their respective industries, and always find it fascinating to learn how they progressed to their current role. So, in this series, I’m sitting down with different business leaders to learn more about their career journeys.  

Having worked in the world of communications for almost 30 years, Jenny Peters understands the intricacies of successful communication. Most recently she has been driving internal communications efforts at Pension Protection Fund. 

I sat down with Jenny to discuss the power of mentorship, the benefits of a digital employee experience (including increased agility, community and equality), how she pioneered the VHS at the start of her career and more. 

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About Pension Protection Fund

Founded in 2005, Pension Protection Fund protect millions of people throughout the UK who belong to defined benefit pension schemes. They manage £32 billion assets on behalf of their 249,000 members, and it’s their mission to pay the right people, the right amount at the right time.