As Google’s co-founder Larry Page once said, “companies fail or get left behind by their competitors because they are just not ambitious enough”. To this end Page has embraced the notion of “10x thinking” – put simply: True change happens when you try to improve your business by 10 times rather than 10%.That mindset has launched some of Google’s most amazingly ambitious projects, like self-driving cars. As business leaders, we all share the same ambition as Page. We want to take our businesses to the next level, so we spend big money on digital transformation strategies that often only deliver incremental gains.

10x thinking is a game changer which, when adopted and applied to digital transformation, can deliver 10X better results across sales, product development and service delivery. This is what we call the moon-shot mentality – aim for the stars and you’ll land on the moon. It’s not as difficult as you might think to generate 10X better results from your digital transformation strategy, it simply relies upon adopting the mindset and the right products to support the 10X ambition.

Adopt the 10x mindset
The single most important step is to have the clear intention of generating exponential growth in your company. This is the “10X mindset” which focuses your thinking squarely on what your ideal future looks like, and how you can best pull your present situation towards that vision.

In analysing the business against a 10X vision, a common finding in large enterprise organisations is that the top 10% of the organisation knows how to be excellent at what they do. For example, the top 10% salespeople consistently overachieve and smash their targets and the top 10% service delivery people know how to deliver world-class service. The recognition is that there is a need for the 90% to operate like the best 10% to deliver 10x growth across the business.

Capturing and digitising best practices that make the top 10% great therefore becomes key to generating 10x growth.

Choose the right products to deliver 10X growth
At AddIn365 we’ve turned Microsoft Office 365 into the rocket fuel that delivers 10X growth. AddIn365 offer a bot and AI toolkit that sits on Office 365 and digitises the best practices that the top 10% swear by. These learnings are made available to the wider business to follow in a personalised and relevant format.

This empowers those in satellite offices, newcomers and those with fewer years’ experience to leverage the brains of the best. A wide range of secondary benefits can also be felt, from a reduction in time wasted searching for content to avoiding a re-invention of the wheel.

Your people can immediately start collaborating and operating as winning teams. If you want to improve your sales win rate across the board, deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, deliver world-class products and services to market and only ever recruit and retain the best talent then you need the right products. To find out more, please get in touch.