AddIn Work Hub has been selected as the tool of choice by large enterprises such as Truphone and TSB Bank, to underpin productivity on the Office 365 platform.

AddIn Work Hub:
Delivers to employees the right content, at the right time, for their role
Promotes knowledge transfer between teams and departments that are working on related projects and tasks
Enables staff to work together irrespective of location or time zone

AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, has said “We wanted to tackle the challenges that large businesses have, in getting employees to work both more efficiently and as a team, head on. Often collaboration is poor because doing so in shared work spaces is harder than working out of email. AddIn Work Hub has resolved this challenge by delivering a simple and fully personalised workspace, that brings together everything an employee needs to do their work. We are looking forward to working with Microsoft to identify even more organisations that AddIn Work Hub can benefit. It is great that Rob Howard, Director of Ecosystem at Microsoft and the wider Microsoft team have got behind our approach.”

Rob Howard, Director of Ecosystem, Microsoft has today said, “AddIn Work Hub helps customers invested in Office 365 meet internal knowledge sharing objectives via Microsoft services such as Team Sites, Groups, Yammer, and Delve. We’re excited to see AddIn Work Hub benefit our joint customers.”

Al Meyer, Head of Internal Communications at Truphone has said “AddIn365 helped us to meet our business objectives in a timeframe of only nine business days. Thanks to AddIn365, our digital workplace is already receiving great feedback and enjoying a high level of adoption. Our leadership team are particularly thrilled that AddIn Work Hub has helped us to get such a speedy return on our investment in Office 365.”

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