46% of your employees are looking for a new job. Can you afford for them to leave?


They have also, statistically, suffered from a loss of motivation.


Over the last 12 months many of your employees have been working from home. For the first time in living memory, they have been estranged from their place of work.


So, how can we improve employee retention and performance?


Brand buy-in can improve performance and re-align employee attitudes to the values of your organisation.


When your employees feel connected to your brand, employee turnover can be reduced by a third as your team feel part of your long-term strategy.


As the world emerges from lockdown, hybrid work is now set to become the norm. So how can you help your employees to reconnect, or stay connected emotionally, to your brand.


The answer is by ensuring that your digital workplace platforms align to your brand and offer an intuitive user-experience that helps your employees to do their jobs.


AddIn365 are experts in ensuring your Office 365 platform is brand-aligned and task-driven, from intranets and portals to Microsoft Teams.


Some of the world’s best-known brands trust us to deliver a feel-good connection with their employees, to build employee loyalty and communicate the values they want their employees to take out into the world.


Our brand-aligned Office 365 experiences will help your employees to understand your organisation’s direction of travel and their role in it. Why not get in touch today with one of our Microsoft MVP’s to find out how we can support your digital transformation journey.