Within the last 30 years, Microsoft has released several versions of Office, and each version has been carefully developed to solve a variety of problems. Both businesses and single users have continuously benefited from software updates, patches and programmes, while Microsoft has continued to develop Office based on customer feedback.

Microsoft Office 365 has therefore become the ideal solution for business. Here are some of the problems it can solve from day one.

Anytime and Anywhere Access To Files

With more and more people working on the go and from home, Office 365 gives every employee constant access to everything they need. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and every other part of the Microsoft Office package can be accessed from tablet or mobile, with files saved securely on a shared drive for later use – or immediate access by other team members. Internet or mobile data access is everything you need to be linked to the Office 365 cloud, so the problem of waiting for files and documents to come to you is now a thing of the past.

Real-Time Collaborative Working

Office 365 business includes a variety of applications for project management, giving senior staff the ability to assign people to a task and keep up to date with their progress. Even the smallest business can benefit from collaborative working, with business owners able to concentrate on sales and growth while overseeing ongoing work and guiding team members. Every document can be managed and updated in real time, for all to see – so the days of important strategic documents becoming lost amongst email threads are over.

Non-Stop, High-Impact Communication With Microsoft Teams offered as a standard with Office 365, video conferencing, document sharing and team communication can all work together. New ideas can be shared, critiqued, developed and implemented instantly into an ongoing strategy for all to see.

Crucially, business owners and managers get to see with Office 365 is who has read important internal communications – and when. There are no more excuses for missing a message – ‘losing’ an email, for instance – or being out of touch with projects, priorities and expectations.

Safe and Secure Archives At All Times
While there still exists some scepticism about sharing documents in the cloud, once you’ve tried it, you’re unlikely to go back. Once your work is uploaded, it stays quite simply there until you decide to remove it. With Office 365 support as standard, rather than having to contact IT support to look at your hardware, you simply contact your dedicated support line for any problems you may meet.

Essentially, Microsoft is taking care of all of your archives at all times, meaning that any problems you do encounter with your hardware won’t result in you losing crucial information and potentially, as a result, damaging your business.

With Microsoft continuously evolving the Office 365 experience, it makes sense for you to upgrade your communication and collaboration software now and take advantage of these incredible solutions.