We recognise that in 2021, as businesses across the globe look to grow their businesses through the recession, few teams will be under more pressure to avoid avoidable failures than the bid team. We also understand that successful bid teams are those that excel within internal communications. At AddIn365 we have long tailored our software solutions to ensure the latest technology helps achieve the ever-evolving business objectives of our clients; we have been supporting winning bid teams since 2015.


Achieving better collaboration has always been a challenge for large and complex businesses, even more so as the world flirts with long term flexible or remote working. As the way we all work adapts we need stronger, more reliable technology solutions that will be adopted by a relevantly skilled workforce.


For effective collaboration to take place, a foundation of trust must be built; primarily trust in the collaboration software from company employees and IT leaders. There must also be trust that communications are reliable, and content is up to date, ideally presented on a single platform. There must be trust in the bid teams to win work; making it an absolute necessity they have a reliable workspace to gather intelligence whilst also sharing their successes (or valuable lessons learnt) – impossible if they are still working in silos.


Successful bid teams need to collaborate effectively within their writing and management functions, but also with the sales team, senior leadership and deskless colleagues in the field. Businesses embarking on mega-projects may need to bid for work as part of a Joint Venture and those tendering for work in the Public Sector with ever-shorter renewal periods may find more success collaborating directly with the client.


When supporting business development teams to collaborate, using AddIn Work Hub modules and our onboarding method, we focus on the following areas:


Team morale and welfare – Employee wellbeing requires organisational support and understanding; by bringing all employees together to the same platform we promote inclusion, creativity, and counsel.


Escaping email dependence – Relying on email is a calamity waiting to happen within bid management; by having your work already divided into Channels intelligently based around a project you can reduce the need to switch your cognitive context. The chat, files, tasks, and meetings for that project are in one place, you can catch up all in one go, then move on to the next project or place.


Nuclear content dissemination – Streamlining the content sharing process between employees, different teams, and even different businesses.


Document managementUsing the full capabilities of OneDrive to automate approvals and co-authoring improving adoption, communication, and productivity.


Security – With a secure platform your business is safe from malicious content with ready information protection and data sync.


Time saving and efficiency – With next gen bot technology to answer your teams most common questions Team Leaders can focus their time on strategy, productivity, and employee well-being.


Discover why Wavemaker selected AddIn365 as their Office 365 delivery partner – visit case study.

We were delighted to support the merge of two leading global networks, MEC and Maxus, to become the world’s second largest media agency with digital collaboration solutions which helped connect their 8,500 employees spread across 90 countries; read our Wavemaker case study here.


For many businesses, even when the technology is available, companies can experience low adoption rates if the products come out the box. This can lead to a team continuing to work independently towards the bid goal with limited exchanges with other team members. And the outcome is a fragmented bid that lacks consistency and a single voice. AddIn Work Hub enriches Microsoft Teams, not only allowing them to collaborate from anywhere but by providing relevant content to your employees through different Skills we can achieve adoptability rates of up to 100%.


Effective collaboration on a bid means getting everyone pulling in the same direction, having access to the latest, most relevant information, and working quickly, effectively, securely, and happily. Our Work Hub product improves organisation and workflow efficiency by tracking time and tasks automatically. By introducing intelligent solutions to your software can help drive business success and future proofing your procurement function.


To discover how AddIn365 can help support your business development in 2021 arrange a free demo with a Microsoft MVP using the contact form below or email hello@addin365.com .